Valentines Coffee Sampler

Valentines Coffee Sampler

  • $4.00

Flowers might brighten your day, but it’s coffee that starts it. Suggested Use: 2 tablespoons per 8 ounces hot water. Brew as you normally would. 

Cupid’s Kiss

It’s said that love is blind, but it’s certainly not flavorless. With our Cupid’s Kiss coffee, we blend the buttery comfort of French caramel, the sweet satisfaction of Swiss chocolate, and the toasted warmth of Southern pecans into a cup of coffee that could inspire Cupid himself. Love might conquer all, but a little coffee can help too.

White Chocolate Mousse

You may not have as much money in the bank as you’d like, but who says you can’t at least pretend to live in luxury for just an hour? A swirl of smooth white chocolate and warm vanilla flavor our lightly roasted Arabica coffee to create a taste of decadence befitting the king and queen of a lavish empire. Getting ready for work on an early morning can feel like preparing for a visit to the royal court when you sip this savory and sweet flavor blend reminiscent of white chocolate cheesecake and truffles. You might not be as rich as you’d like, but our White Chocolate Mousse brew is. 

Chocolate Raspberry

Love is sweet, saccharine, and a little too smothering. If you feel a headache coming on from breathing in all that “love in the air,” our balanced Chocolate Raspberry brew is for you. Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to end in a sweets-induced stomachache. The rich and comforting flavor of chocolate contrasts with the tart juiciness of raspberry to create the kind of dignified sweetness that tastes like 10 years of love.